About us

Studio Purple Paw is a graphic design team made up of two graphic designers, activists and visual artists Julie and Léa.

Léa oscillates between visual arts, writing and engaged design pratice. Graduated from the Graphic Pratice and Sculpture master of erg, in Bruxelles, after studying Graphic Design in Fine-Arts School of Lyon, Léa is in charge of the journal La Brèche since 2019. She is part of the collective project of publication We-Sow since 2016 and co-founded the association in 2021. She takes part of Biennal of Mulhouse 019. She also performed and staged reading from her novel "Harnachement" at Synesthésie ¬ MMAINTENANT in Paris as part of CAVE CLUB lead by Roxane Maillet and at Kanal - Centre Pompidou in Brussels. Passionate in local and ancestral knowledge of plants medicinal uses, she is graduated as an official Herbalist.

Julie is an millenial artist, graphic designer and multi-tools activist. She studied graphic design and free typogaphy at erg, Brussels between 2014 and 2017 and she finissed by master in Information Design at Design Academy in Eindhoven, with presenting the — memory thesis and digital art — project cyborgfeminist Techno-Venus. This project was later presented in digital installation and 3D. Julie's pratice is as much in digital 3D spaces as in the Unicode board. Through the typography project with the collective Bye Bye Binary, struggling for the writing revolution of french language. Julie is also a mechanic to intensify her manual activities and to shake the old bike world force of habit.

Based in Brussels, where we met, our collaboration grows on our synergies and because of our strong bond to Brussels' cultural and associative scenes. We create communication both prints and digital and we prioritize working with activists, collaborative and cultural structures. Our practice is deeply daring, peculiar and inclusive.

We worked with them…


Isabelle Wery (BE) Artist, actress & writer

Maison Arc-En-Ciel du Brabant Wallon (BE) LGBTQI+ Associative Cupola

L'Accroche ASLB (BE) Cultural & Associative Place

Constant (BE) Critical Digital Arts Galerie

Les Équinoxes Festival (BE) Inclusive & Feminist festival féministes in Brussels

Emma Cogné (FR) Textile Designer


Épicentre (BE) Inclusive Health Care Center

Cinéma Nova (BE) Long term collaboration on the printed programm.

Bru•X•elles Festival (BE) Feminist festival by Beats'n'Roots

Florence Cheval (BE) Writing as curating, Username : Apophany


Asbl Cinema Nova (BE) Long term collaboration on the printed programm

Rainbow House Brussels (BE) L-Festival

Centre du Théâtre Action (BE) Revue impACT

Gogbot (NL) Digital Art Festival


Éric Angenot (BE), Post Industrial Animism

Aldeia do Amanhã (P), eco-village

Gogbot (NL) Digital Art Festival

The New current (NL) Young talented artist exhibition

Déchainé.es (BE) Performative and activist group of public space appropriation

Tecart (NL) Digital Art Festival


T’Verzet bikeshop (NL)

La Brèche (BE) Anti-prison journal of the Genepi Belgique

Future Farmers (USA/BE) Activists, searchers, artists collective

Misssouri (BE) Super School - Novel, The Reader - Independant movie


Rain - Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (BE)

Théâtre National de la Monnaie (BE) Orphée et Eurydice - Romeo Castelluci

We collaborated with them...

2021 We Sow, Paul Faure & Marion Cachon, graphic design collective, publicist and association (Rennes, Caen, Bruxelles)

2017 Aron Kullander-Östling, graphic designer (assistant) (SWE)

2016 Raquel Quevedo, visual artist and graphic designer (intership) (ES)

2016 La Villa Hermosa [Lionel Maes et Pierre-Philippe Duchâtelet] (intership) (BE)

2013 Galerie Huit à Arles (intership) (FR)

Workshops we runned…

2022 (Léa) Never Force The Back, Le Lac (BE) Text incarnation

2021 (Julie, Bye Bye Binary) ENSBA Lyon (FR) Workshop/study days about gender and typography

2020 (Léa, We-Sow) LES COMMUNS, Le Signe - Centre National du Graphisme (FR), We-Sow & Atelier Téméraire

2019 (Léa, We-Sow) Editorial week with master student of erg (BE)