Epicentre is a multidisciplinary healthcare, well-being and learning center that aims to provide access to non-normative and non-oppressive health and mental care for all.

Épicentre ensures a warm welcome to all bodies and conditions, ans guarantees a respectful approach to experiences and realities that deviate from the norm, as well as an informed and mindful accountability for the needs of minorities.

The health center is intended for the queer community and the inhabitants of the lower Saint-Gilles district as well as for health professionals. That's why we modeled a visually light and calm identity, with a soothing color chart for soft and fluid curves.

Epicentre's new skin shows its non-normative and caring vision of health, which supports without oppressing and heals by listening.

Authentic Sans 90 - 130, Christina Janus & Desmond Wong - WTFPL (Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License)

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