L-Festival 2021

L-Festival is organized by the RainbowHouse Brussels and is destinated to the Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans* communities*

"Lesbians of all countries, bisexual persons of all colours, transexuals with specs, movie buff queers, pansexuals who like to hike, feminists who like to party, allies of all kinds of genders, this seventh edition of the L-Festival is for you !"

Inspired of the visuals created last year, we choose to superpose archives form the festival with notions of mixed identities, self-reapropriation and collective subservity or intimacy within a repertory of illusrtations, sketches, tatoos, stickers, signs, jewelery, emblem, proliferation and plurality of the queer community, choices reflecte by the pixelised typography; of gothic inspiration, with horns and curls.