Constant_V, 2019-2022 catalog

Catalog design for Constant gallery.

A four years archive of Constant_V exhibitions.

Designed in a folded landscape format, where the photographs are outside the fold like a front window, and reading is inside the fold.

The ambiance reflects Constant's roots in digital culture with ASCII ornaments, windows and lineal fonts. The post-it color palettes, the 'admin pen' reds and blues make the color a bit beaurocratic, a bit analog-archive style.

Prints by Click Click Graphics, Offset 4/4, 260 x 180mm.

Tools : Scribus, AsciiArtStudio.

Font credits : Ume Fonts by Horai Wataru, Trispace family by Tyler Finck - ETC, Child's Play by Altsys Metamorphosis, Child Written by Manfred Klein, ChildHood by Flo Crusher, Skeetch by Emerald City Fontwerks, Femkeklaver by Emi, Child Writing by João Pedro Castro, Child by Gustavo Lucero, Childrenalien by Creative Media Lab, Childlike Blobs by Darrell Flood, Frankchild by Untitled Motion, DHE child font by Dhe Fontana.