Username: Apophany

Written by Florence Cheval following 'Uncertainty Scenarios #11 – Statistics' initiated by Marjolijn Dijkman and Amélie Bouvier – Enough Room for Space.

Username : Apophany is an attempt to activate the stunning lines and curves of Jean Katambayi Mukendi's drawing, Afrolampe (Life Expectancy), 2021, along with an essay by the same artist (Life Expectancy).

The epic poem traces the ebbs and waves, zeros and ones, of Apophany – also named Apophenia, a queero who became goddex of the underworlds.

A stratospheric web page project where one can overlook like in a map or wander in the virtual landspace. The 9 chapters are messy, crowded, weaved and sprinkled with appearances of retro inspirations, illustrating the drama fresco of the descent of queero goddex Apophenia through data swamp to the underworld.

A web archelogy on acid, tracing a story dressed with the atypical Syne fonts by Bonjour Monde [] and several beautiful Degheest fonts [] by Ange Degheest & Oriane Charvieux & Mandy Elbé & Luna Delabre & Camille Depalle & Justine Herbel & May Jolivet whose revival project appeared very relevant to us…

Visual art, digital layout and web developpment.